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Power flushing your radiators and central heating system will give you massive improvements . A Power Flush forces a chemical wash through your central heating system to loosen and clean out debris and sludge which can build up over time inside the radiators and pipes causing patchy performance, noisy boilers and less heat generally throughout your central heating system.


To further improve the performance associated with heating systems, we highly recommend the installation of a Magna-Clean unit onto the central heating pipework. This is a new magnetic filter which gathers the metal rust deposits (sludge) in your heating system, leading to potentially significant energy efficiencies and reduced running costs.


We use a Fernox MK111 powerflushing machine. The Fernox MK111 machine has been designed to power flush central heating systems as a means of efficiently dealing with system deterioration. We also utilize this machine in all brand new central heating boiler installations. Once successfully flushed, a chemical inhibitor will be added to the system to prevent potential corrosion coming back.



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